Spirit Guides Level 2


5 week course (4 Classes plus 1 Private Session)
When: To Be Announced!
Investment: $150.00 CAD
(approximately $115.07 USD / £85.19 GBP / $154.78 AUD)
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Course Outline

Class One: Level 1 Overview – getting acquainted with new title names, bringing forward further information about Primary and Empathic Guides that will help you to increase your knowledge and awareness.

Class Two: Meet your Empathic Guides – We will partake in exercises and meditations to bring forward Empathic Guides that are pertinent to your continued growth and learning at this time. Michelle will also connect with each student to bring forward an Empathic Guide, explain their role, provide a message for the student, as well as a lesson for all of the students from each guide.

Private Sessions: Each student will schedule a 30 minute private session with Michelle to discuss where they are at with communicating with their guides. Michelle will provide connections, guidance, and healing with her guides, as well as guidance from the student’s guides to help remove blockages and increase the trust and confidence the student requires to continue with progressing towards conscious spirit guide communication.

Class Three: Spirit Art – A spirit-guided class that will help each student to create their own image of one of their spirit guides. No art skills required – just trust in the guidance of spirit to help you!

Class Four: Spirit Guide Communication: Taking your conscious communication to a new level with channelled guidance directly from Michelle’s guides.