Intuitive Development Online Workshop Series

If you are looking to learn the very basics of intuitive development, this series of workshops will definitely give you everything you need to get started! These are for those who are aware they are intuitive and sensitive, but are not sure how to work with these skills. Join Michelle for 3 different 2 hour workshops over a 3 week period and watch as your intuitive abilities strengthen naturally as you gain a deeper understanding of how to work with them!

These workshops will be held online via Skype (Michelle will demonstrate many of the techniques on camera, but you will not need to be on camera at all – headsets are recommended, but not necessary). All students will be invited to join a special Facebook class group where more information will be given, and you can ask questions before, during, and after the workshops.

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Investment: $65
(approximately $49.13 USD / £38.58GBP / $64.68 AUD)
Intuitive Development Workshops

1. Intuitive Development 1 (meditation, grounding, smudging, energy cleansing, releasing residual energy, the importance of mindfulness and self-awareness, etc.)

Intuitive Development 2 (crystals, pendulums, tarot cards, oracle cards, singing bowls, psychometry, the importance of self-care, closing, and discernment, etc.)

Intuitive Development 3 (spiritual healing, working with spirit guides, how to decide what skills to focus on, as well as advice and guidance about how to take the information learned throughout the workshops and move forward to put them into daily practice!)