Mediumship Development Level 1

Students will be given the tools, guidance, and experience to help them develop their spiritual senses to safely, responsibly, and ethically begin connecting others with spirit. This course is good for people who want to eventually achieve mediumship as well as for those who are looking to increase their conscious communication with their spirit guides and strengthen their intuition. Level 1 is all about providing students with the information and experience they require to create a solid foundation of understanding and knowledge.

Details: 5 Week Online Course (Skype – Audio Only)*
Recordings will be available to students who cannot participate in all live classes

When: Stay Tuned for 2018-2019 dates!
Investment: $300 CAD
Class Maximum: 10 Students
*This course is a prerequisite for Mediumship Development Level 2.

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Course Outline

Class One: What is mediumship? This class is an introduction to what mediumship entails, the terminology, the difference between being a psychic and a medium, and what it is that mediums are doing when they connect with spirit. We will review what it means to “open” and “close” and how to work with intention. We will also discuss auras, chakras, vibrations, and spiritual healing, as well as what blockages are and how we can clear them from our energy.

Class Two: We will talk about ethics, personal responsibility, and balance with regards to spirit work. We will talk more in depth about the 6 spiritual senses and how each of them help us to bring forward messages from spirit. Students will also begin working on symbol interpretation and sensing energy. We will then converse about the role our spirit guides have in developing mediumship. We will do an exercise that helps each of these senses open up and discuss how spirit brings us information using these senses.

Class Three: We will discuss the basics of connecting with spirit to bring through messages, and how this works from both our perspective and spirit’s perspective. We will also discuss symbols, discernment, and how we can start to develop the senses we have been talking about. We will also discuss what readings entail, and why they should be led by spirit and not us. We will also discuss what it means to receive validation, confirmation, and why we will not receive certain types of information for our sitters.

Class Four: We will converse about the structure and flow of a reading, how to handle difficult situations that may arise, and how to end a reading. This conversation will also include information about fears, blockages, and doubt. The students will then be led through a guided exercise and be given their first experience connecting with the energy of another classmate in order to bring through a message from spirit. We will begin discussing the basics of spiritual counselling,  gaining understanding about low vibrational spirits, and partake in an exercise that will help students to begin strengthening their intuition and empathy.

Class Five: Students will gain both knowledge and experience with development circles in this class. We will also begin a discussion about what it means to become an Apprentice Medium, and what will be next for the students on their journey. This final class will also contain information directly from spirit, an advanced mediumship demonstration, and some surprises for the students!