Spirit and Henna



Join Lady Lorelie and Medium Michelle Stokotelny for an amazing 3 hour event to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox! After a guided meditation to help everyone relax and prepare for the event, Michelle will be providing insightful and healing messages from spirit to everyone in attendance. After your reading get adorned with a henna tattoo by Lady Lorelie who will blend messages from your reading into a beautiful henna tattoo. Lady Lorelie intuitively works with spirit to adorn you with patterns and designs that help you feel joyful, beautiful and inspired This is an evening like no other and seating is extremely limited!

When: Friday, September 22, 2017 6pm-9pm
Where: Radiance Gifts 875 Corydon Avenue
Investment: $75 (Limited to 10 guests)
Refreshments will be offered as well!
Call (204) 284-4231 to reserve your spot!

For more information about Lady Lorelie: www.ladylorelie.com