Spirit Guides Level 1

Details: 5 Week Course designed to help you connect with your guides!
  2018/2019 Dates to Be Announced!
Where: Radiance Gifts 875 Corydon Avenue  
Investment: $175.00

Call (204) 284-4231 to Register!

Learn about who your spirit guides are and how they have been helping you on your path for your entire life! Receive the tools, guidance, and in-class experience to begin consciously communicating with your own team of spirit guides! Everyone can do this, you just need to learn how to trust yourself and your spirit guides!


Course Outline

Class One:

Introduction to Spirit Guides – We will be learning about who our guides are, why they are with us, and how we can begin to consciously communicate with them.

Class Two:

Guardians and Joy Guides – We will be discussing these two roles and partake in meditations and exercises to meet these guides. Homework assignment results will be discussed as well.

Class Three:

Healer Guides and Philosopher Guides – We will be learning about these two roles, as well as continuing our discussion from the previous week, including results from the homework assignments.

Class Four:

Guides of Compassion, Guides of Light, and Master Teachers – We will be completing our lessons on Primary Guides this week, and will be doing exercises and meditations to continue building our connections with our guides.

Class Five:

Empathic Guides and Class Finale – We will be finishing our lessons on spirit guides, as well as having a special demonstration of mediumship for all in attendance.