Private Mentoring

I will now be accepting applications to provide private lessons and one-on-one mentorship. This would be for anyone who is ready to dedicate a significant amount of time and effort towards their own intuitive and mediumship development. Each mentorship program will be specially designed for your personal schedule, time commitment, availability, and goals – meaning that each person will be investing a different amount based on the agreed upon level of instruction and more. 


At this time I will be accepting about 5 Apprentices, and these apprenticeships will last anywhere from 6 weeks – 6 months or more, again completely depending on what you want to get out of it, and what your goals are. Everyone who replies will receive a response! We will discuss my teaching methods, and see if our schedules and everything are in alignment before we commit to the program. Payment plans will be in place as well, if you cannot pay in full before we begin your teachings!

What you will receive:
– All of the information and experience you’d get in Spirit Guides Level 1, and Mediumship Development Levels 1 & 2
– Personalized instruction and 1-2 sessions a week with me on Zoom
– Demonstrations of mediumship to receive guidance from your own spirit guides
– Having me present as you begin to offer readings (when you are ready)
– Detailed guidance about how to move forward after the mentorship ends
– And more, depending on your personal goals and specific path!

I am looking forward to helping you on your paths!

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