Spirit Guides Course

The Winter 2021 session is now over!
The next course will likely take place in Autumn 2021.

Class One: Introduction to Spirit Guides, how they help you, and
how to begin communicating with them effectively.

Class Two: Continuing to learn who the Primary Guides are, and how to work
with them to heal from the past.

Class Three: Learning about Empathic Guides, and how to increase your communication
abilities after the course is complete.

Join Medium Michelle Stokotelny for her most popular course as you become acquainted with your very own spirit guide team! Everyone already communicates effortlessly with their spirit guides, but there is something very special about becoming consciously aware of this connection. Over the 6 weeks, with three Zoom classes and one private Zoom session with Michelle, you will receive valuable written information, personal instruction, and many helpful exercises and experiences that will set you on the path to strengthen your bond with your amazing spirit guides!



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