Spirit Guides Course

2023 Dates and information available soon!

Join Medium Michelle Stokotelny for her most popular course as you become acquainted with your very own spirit guide team! Everyone already communicates effortlessly with their spirit guides, but there is something very special about becoming consciously aware of this connection.

Classes will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live sessions, and every student will receive booklets
of valuable information during our course.

Class One: Introduction to Spirit Guides – who they are, how they communicate with us, and how we can begin to consciously communicate with them.

Class Two: Primary Guides and Empathic Guides – what are the differences between the two, followed by meeting two of our Primary Guides.

Class Three: Continuing from last week, we will meet two more Primary Guides and discuss the results of the previous week’s homework.

Class Four: Meeting another two Primary Guides, we will also converse about spirit work, preparing for mediumship, and more.

Class Five: Completing our Primary Guides with the final one, we will be discussing Empathic Guides, honorary guides, and animal guides.

Each class will contain pertinent information about how to ground, center, and balance our energies, how to work towards raising our vibrations, and how to work consciously with our spirit guides on a daily basis to help live our lives in the most authentic, motivated, healthy, and fulfilling way.

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