33569195_2061703930712719_8287013585154998272_nI connect people in the physical world with their loved ones and spirit guides bringing forward information, validation, and evidence that our spirits continue on after our brief, beautiful time in this world. I believe we all have the ability to connect with spirit and it is my humble honour to help all those who cross my path to receive the healing, guidance, insight, and encouragement they need to move forward on their paths with love, peace, and truth.

I will now be accepting applications to
provide private lessons and one-on-one mentorship!

This would be for anyone who is ready to dedicate a significant amount of time and effort towards their own intuitive and mediumship development. Each mentorship program will be specially designed for your personal schedule, time commitment, availability, and goals – meaning that each person will be investing a different amount based on the agreed upon level of instruction and more.
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Learn about who your spirit guides are and how to communicate with them!

Details: 5 week course, online through Skype (audio only)
When: Thursdays 6pm-7:30pm CDT September 6, 2018 – October 4, 2018
Investment: $200.00 CAD
Class Maximum: 12 Students

Students will be given the tools, guidance, and experience to help them develop their spiritual senses to safely, responsibly, and ethically
begin connecting others with spirit!

Mediumship Development Level 1

Details: 5 Week Online Course (Skype – Audio Only)
Recordings will be available to students who cannot participate in all live classes
When: Thursdays 6pm-8pm CST October 18, 2018 – November 15 2018
Investment: $300 CAD


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