rI connect people in the physical world with their loved ones and spirit guides bringing forward information, validation, and evidence that our spirits continue on after our brief, beautiful time in this world. I believe we all have the ability to connect with spirit and it is my humble honour to help all those who cross my path to receive the healing, guidance, insight, and encouragement they need to move forward on their paths with love, peace, and truth.

Upcoming Events in Winnipeg

January 21st
Snowflake Winter Wellness Festival - Michelle will be speaking about Spirt Guides at 10:30am at the Hotel Fort Garry!

February 4th
Healing Connections Festival –  Come out and receive a reading from Michelle or one of her former Apprentice Mediums. Michelle will be speaking about grief and healing at 3pm! The Spirit Guided Path is hosting a silent auction – 100% of the proceeds will go towards a Winnipeg Women’s Shelter!

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