Death Doula Services

Michelle completed her End of Life Doula training with Douglas College in January 2020, and has joined the End of Life Doula Association of Canada as a full member in January 2021. With all of her previous experiences, both in the realms of counselling and mediumship, Michelle is offering her services now to help people and their families with end of life choices, wishes, and preparations.

Some key aspects a Death Doula can help support and facilitate are:
• Advance Care Planning
• Family discussions about end of life wishes, and how to best honour the needs of the ill loved one
• Occasional respite for primary caregivers of a terminally ill loved one
• Vigil planning and support
• Provide local options and information about end of life planning, including resources that will help both the ill loved one and their family
• Offering emotional (and if desired, spiritual) support as well as non-medical alternatives for pain relief (such as guided meditation, drumming, aromatherapy, music, etc.) to the terminally ill loved one

Death Doulas are not nurses, nor are they funeral directors; they are there to be an emotional support to those who are preparing to make their final transition to the realm of Spirit. We all strive to live “good” lives and yet when it comes to the topics of ‘death’ and ‘dying’ we so seldom give too much thought or consideration to our final wishes. Our transition to spirit can be as meaningful and sacred as we choose.

For those who would like to transition at home, or in hospice care, a Death Doula can be a tremendous support to both the dying and the family that surrounds them. Not there to take charge or offer solutions, but there to facilitate difficult discussions, and to create a space of calm, peace, and beautiful energy for those who are navigating their final and most significant passage in this life as they journey to the next.

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and Canada-wide (virtually on Zoom)

1st Consultation: 30 minute Zoom session or in person meeting to discuss services, options, preferences, resources, and information; for you to assess if a death doula would be an asset on your journey. You don’t need to be experiencing a life-limiting illness for this session, this is open for anyone who is interested in exploring what planning for end of life looks like. Schedule Your Session!
Investment: Complimentary 

End of Life Doula Care: Private sessions for anyone going through an illness, life-changing challenges, those interested in advance care planning, as well as non-medical interventions such as sound healing (drumming, spirit drums, etc.), guided meditation, visualization, spiritual support, and more.
Investment: To be discussed and agreed upon during the consultation

Vigil (in home, hospice, or hospital): Peaceful support for those at their end of life journey and their loved ones, in accordance to the previously agreed upon end of life preferences and wishes. (every vigil will be unique and individual, and needs to be assessed thoroughly with each person)

Please see this list of resources that are available to you!

As someone who has had the honour of supporting many people as they grieve the death of their beautiful animal friends, I feel it is important to know that you do not have to face their transition alone. A Death Doula can help you plan and prepare a vigil for your animal family member much like we would do for our human loved ones. Just as many people choose to die at home, our animal companions want the same if at all possible, surrounded by the scents and sights they know and love, comforted and together with the people who were their entire world during their time here.

~ Michelle 

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