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What clients are saying about their readings with Michelle:


  1. Was so impressed with the accuracy of Michelle’s reading. She was spot on. I’m also truly honored to be her first FB friend. A very kind, caring and positive reading when you contact her. Thanks Michelle!!

  2. I felt so comfortable with Michelle. I could tell right off the bat what a comforting and caring person she is. During my reading, she brought guides forward I never knew about. I look forward to future readings ♥
    thank you for the time you spent with me.

  3. I was so impressed with my reading and immediately felt some comfort knowing my son was ok…thank you thank you thank you… I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the reading and the fact that you were right on only proves he is with me as you say every day….
    Thank you….

  4. Michelle is amazing, kind, caring, generous, and a great teacher, as well as a great medium. My Brother who has recently passed came through immediatly, she was able to confirm so much detail, about so many different things, that she would not have been able to know, little things I say and do in private that I say to him. I have had such a hard time with his passing, and she really helped ease my heart, not just by bringing him to me, as well as my grandmother, but by also talking to me about different things that happen after our loved ones pass. She is a great person, a beautiful soul, and I am so lucky to have been guided to her.

  5. Tracey Thomson says

    I have just received a reading from Michelle, it was wonderful, Michelle and her guides bought through my grandfather, my father and she also had the pleasure of meeting my joy guides – who amazingly are twins! what a joy to hear. Michelle also talked about things that are personal to me and that I must sort out, which I now will. thank you so much Michelle, I am in awe

  6. Denise Stolte Dopp says

    I received a beautiful reading from Michelle last night. It was a very spiritual experience . . . one I never will forget. She and her guides touched on a lot that is happening in my life right now, and said things which I know will aid in my healing.
    She brought in my guides, and not only introduced a few of them to me (one of the most exciting moments of my life), but also talked of things past and present in my life that only I would have known.
    Michelle is very humble, and sweet, and I felt only care and comfort during the reading, as so many different emotions were surfacing all at once!
    One of the best experiences of my life!

    Thank you so much**

  7. Christy Nelson says

    I was in shock when I had my reading with, Michelle. She was so on spot with everything she told me. She brought up people I have lost that she could have never known about. I didn’t even know her and she told me things about myself only someone close to me would know. I felt truly at peace afterwards. I can’t wait to have another reading. Thank you is an understatement!

  8. Colette hazlett says

    I have just had a wonderful reading from Michelle :). I was so surprised and so excited that she got one of my guides to give me some messages and of course got my personality spot on hahahaha she also got me connected to a special friend who passed many years ago and it was heart warming to hear form them. Michelle was such a lovely person to have a reading from and it was very witty and relaxing. I would have love it to go on forever :). I am feel so uplifted now and one happy girl 🙂 x

  9. Medium Jeanine Gidge Ott says

    I just received a beautiful and amazing reading with Medium Michelle Stokotelny!! Michelle delivered the messages with such love, grace, and compassion. Everything she shared was extremely accurate and more! I felt so much peace and joy after her reading as the messages were what I needed to hear. I have been going through some trying moments and so what I received today was truly a healing gift from my one of my Guides and both parents. Words cannot express my deepest gratitude that you so blessed me with Michelle. Thank you kindly from my heart to yours~

  10. I am so very thankful for the reading I had with Michelle! She has a Very Beautiful Gift <3! She was so pleasant and kind, and accurate beyond words. Her reading was very encouraging, and I am so very thankful she can share this gift with others. I highly recommend Michelle Stokotelny.

  11. I am so very grateful to Michelle and her guides for the reading that was delivered to me in December. It was completely accurate, gave me some tender moments with thoughts and messages from dear ones departed, but it was lovely to know that they are with me still. So much validation, and was delivered in such a tender loving manner. It is a sheer pleasure being a ‘friend’ of Michelle’s as her beauty, honesty, and spirituality truly shines from within. Bless you Michelle. Highly recommend that you book a reading. xxx

  12. Christie Ingram says

    My reading with Michelle was nothing short of incredible. The information that came through from my spirit guides and loved ones was extremely accurate and full of validations. The messages I received were beautiful, healing and have me feeling very confident that I am following my path. My many questions were answered and I feel like I received exactly what I needed. Michelle’s delivery is beautiful, loving and deeply spiritual. I cannot recommend a voice reading with Michelle enough <3

  13. Pat Shipton says

    I have just received a reading from Michelle, it blew me away. Not only did my father come through but also several of my guides. In particular my Master Teacher who gave me such wonderful validations and words of love and wisdom. If you are considering a reading then you’ve come to the right place, Michelle is just amazing, I cannot recommend her highly enough. I will certainly be having more readings in the future.

  14. I had a reading done by Michelle earlier and I have to say I gained far more from it than I expected.
    Was so enlightened to hear from my mum and she knew all the troubles I’ve recently been suffering and Michelle offered me great advice from my spirit guides. So grateful to have been read by you Michelle and I take all your advice on board xx

  15. Scott Noble says

    My reading with Michelle was absolutely amazing. The messages from my loved ones were delivered by Michelle in a beautiful, loving way and so accurate. I was able to give validation with every message with the most humbling being the ones that I really did not expect as my father came through. Michelle delivered loving messages from my guides as well as information Michelle was receiving from my own energy, and I am now confident that I am on the correct path. I do feel that I received exactly what I needed. I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough. <3

  16. “Thank you for the amazing reading today Michelle. This was majestic and awe-inspiring” It really gave me clear insights and positive confirmations. Her gift in her connection will benefit all who are seeking answers to what is going on in their personal lives. I highly recommend Michelle for a clear voice message from guides and hers personnel mediumistic . I had a lot of reading in the past and no one was good like delicate Michelle. THANK YOU MICHELLE WOW really love it.

  17. Renee Romero says

    Received reading a couple days ago.I’m still in Awe. She was amazing. She knew stuff no one could know.It took awhile to get a reading but well worth the wait ‘) THANKS SO MUCH ‘) YOU ARE TRULY A BLESSING.

  18. Stacey Innes says

    I could almost say Medium Michelle knows me better than myself lol. She was so accurate and i was given what i really needed to hear. Thank you so much from the bottom if my heart. It is time for me to be who i truly am and hide nothing. Michelle you are such a Blessing to us all and i would highly recommend you to anyone for a reading <3

  19. Kathy Sacco says

    The reading Michelle gave me today was totally amazing.
    One of my guides came through and Medium Michelle was able to give me the name of this guide. My grandfather also came through and was able to communicate his message to me through Medium Michelle.
    I received conformation of everything l have been feeling and much more, l am in total awe.
    Thank you Medium Michelle you are truly a blessing xxx

  20. Jen Tredinnick says

    Thank You, so much, Michelle, for the reading.. Perfect… You helped bring, peace to My heart, calm to My Soul and a smile to my face…Bless. you… xoxoxo

  21. Helen Dawson says

    I had a reading with Michelle in May she was very accurate in the reading and brought my mum through I go to spiritualist churches and have had countless readings over the years but Michelle is the only one bring my mum through I will always be so greatfull for that Michelle is beautifull lady inside and out blessings xxxxx

  22. Sonja kloberdans says

    I just had a beautiful reading from Michelle. I have to say I have had more than one. And I will be back for more. Michelle is an awesome , beautiful soul. She is the real deal. And will help you with all your needs. If any one is sitting on the fence , not knowing , wondering if she would be good enough. Stop wondering . She is he one . She does not disappoint. She will give you an awesome reading, bring loved ones through. Or just let you know things your needing to know at the time. Love to you Michelle. My reading was one I so needed at this time, you answered questions I have Been asking and going over and over. I know I was to hear this through you. I know. It was meant. And some thing I have been going crazy over , I so thank you for all you do for me. For others . Please keep up what you do. Your beautiful and amazingly right on with all that you bring through. Blessings my friend

  23. I had a wonderful reading with Michelle! My “Memere” came through. Speaking of a rolling pin…that my son and I just talked about the day before! He was baking a homemade apple pie and stretched the dough out with it! I’ve kinda known that memere has been with me all along…but hearing her acknowledge recent big changes and encouragement of a new class I was considering…I knew in my heart…her love never left me!

  24. Thank you Michelle for connecting me with my son this morning. So love to hear from him and the kind and gentle way you conveyed his messages is truly heart warming to a mum that is missing their child that has gone on before them. Would recommend you to anyone that is looking to make contact with their loved ones on the other side of the veil.

  25. Angela Candler says

    Michelle is a very unique and refreshing soul in a sea of mediums. She is very intuitive, very accurate, and will not ask you for any personal information to perform a reading. I am very happy to have found Michelle for a medium I feel that I can trust and learn from.
    Thank you Michelle!

  26. Lisa Faa Wagner says

    Michelle has the gift I have no doubt she did a reading for me today and she was so on the spot it brought me to tears . She touched my heart on so many levels and gave me some peace I have been longing for and searching for since my husband passed.I got answers from my husband yes from him threw Michelle without question the answers were from him as she had no way of knowing what she told me .If your searching for the REAL DEAL well you have found her her name is Michelle Stokotelny look no farther .
    Thank You
    Boons wife Fur Immer

  27. Alexis Howard says

    I had an amazing reading with Michelle today. I found out about my protector guide and also heard from a dear one. Her accuracy could not have been any better. She is such a beautiful soul and her light and love shines brightly through her natural gifts. Truly amazing and inspiring. I have found my new medium. ♡

  28. Sherry Bent says

    Words cannot describe how grateful and blessed I feel after my reading with Michelle. Wow. She picked up my energy perfectly. True in all every way. Totally spot on. Due to certain information she provided only I would know, she connected with a very special spirit loved one. Also connected with one of my spirit guides that is so familiar to me. Sort of like I have known him. Thank you again. Truly a blessing as you are.

  29. Bobbie Bailey says

    I received the most in depth reading from Michelle.
    Brought my Mother through and also my best friend. 🙂
    Her reading was not only accurate, but done with much love and respect.
    She was also able to help me to connect more clearly to one of my spirit guides.
    I’m now on the path to healing. 🙂
    Once again, Michelle, words can’t even begin to say how much I appreciate you.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  30. sheri grim says

    Michelle did a reading for me at a very tumultuous time in my life. She zeroed in on EXACTLY what was hurting me so badly and the information she gave me was VERY comforting. She had an amazing gift!

  31. Cathy Ware says

    I had the best reading on Sunday with Michelle she knew exactly what was going on with me and two of my spirit guides came in that I knew exactly who they were and she was very accurate of the reading it was mind blowing I felt such a feeling of relief protectiveness in a sense that I will be okay and then I am being watched over and guided she is a true blessing thank you Michelle ❤️

  32. Rchelle Price Christiansen says

    I was blessed to have a reading done by Michelle, my grandmother came through with some pretty powerful encouraging words but the best thing is she was handing me a flower filled with love. When I was in kindergarten I walked to her house everyday after school and I would always bring her a flower, she was returning the love. To me it was a big sign she is always with me. I also learned who my protector was and that I even had one. Her words rang so true in many facets of my life and I am so grateful to have had this experience.

  33. I have had many readings done for me, but the reading Michelle gave me was like no other reading I had had before! Michelle had connected with my older brother who had been killed in 1993. Michelle had connected so well, it was like I had known her my whole life! When actually I had just met her! I had struggled with depression/anxiety/insomnia for 22 years after my brothers death, that now I can honestly say I am at peace with myself and my brothers death thanks to Michelle!

    Michelle had shared things with me that only him and I would know. She had also given me a message from my medical Guide to please take care of my self!

    Thank you so very much Michelle for helping and connecting me with a very important person in my life, I know now without a doubt we are always together!

  34. I don’t even know what to say…I just had a reading with Michelle and my heart is still swelling with joy. She connected with a very special person in my life that I lost long ago, of that I have no doubt. I still have goosebumps, everything was so spot on.

    Thank you again, Michelle for sharing your kindness, and your gift. I am touched by both and sincerely grateful…

  35. I heard Michelle speak at the Spirit Seekers conference two separate years. I was impressed with her knowledge and gifts. I decided to have a spirit reading. I was very pleased that she was able to connect me with two guides. What she shared truly resonated with me and where I am at. The information confirmed what I had been thinking and feeling. It’s nice to know I am on the right path in my journey. I would recommend anyone at crossroads take the time to connect with Michelle. You will learn and grow in yourself. Thanks Michelle.

  36. Roselind Santos says

    I availed of Michelle’s Special Promo for this month, the 20-minute reading for $20. I had a mediumship reading this morning which went really well. She was spot on! I am so happy that she connected with my friend who just passed away on April 16, 2016 because I really wanted a message from her spirit. So I got emotional when Michelle connected with her. Not only that, she was able to connect with one of my spirit guides, so at least now I know one of my spirit guide’s name. I will have to book a longer session with Michelle in the future.

    Thank you, Michelle, for the wonderful reading and for connecting with my beloved friend and my spirit guide! Blessings!

  37. Kelli Poppe-Havel says

    It has been such a privilege, honor and immense blessing to have experienced readings as well as studied under Michelle, and I find that for someone who usually has a way with words, I am at a loss for words that could express my heart for this beautiful soul. Just how can you describe the indescribable? Michelle’s huge heart, sincere compassion, knowledge and understanding bring insight, gentle guidance, affirmation, encouragement, support and healing. Her approach to connecting you with spirit is practical, loving, open and magical. It’s as if a light is being shone on a pathway illuminating the journey just a little more brighter after you have shared a priceless moment with her. Thank you for all that you do, all that you give, and all that you are, my friend. From my heart to yours. . . gratitude and love flows. . .

  38. I won a free mini spirit reading, and I must admit I was a bit skeptical. Michelle blew me away! She was spot on! I will be telling everyone about her and I will be back for a full reading. Thank you so much Michelle!! Blessings ❤

  39. Clint Tyson says

    I’ve now had my second reading with Michelle, while shorter than the first, it was still just as amazing with the information she is able to bring forward. I was especially blown away that she was able to pick up on a mysterious chronic dry cough that Ive been coping with for several months, and relate it to being a physiological manifestation of a blocked throat chakra; I already had suspicions that it was related to a chakra issue, but experiencing this validation was amazing. She was also able to bring forward messages from my passed grandfather with a wonderfully relatable description of his personality. Additionally I was also able to hear again from my Guardian guide, that I was previously introduced to in my first spirit guide reading with Michelle. I cannot express enough how highly I recommend these experiences that Michelle offers.

  40. Wow where to start. Michelle was so spot on , I’m still reeling from all she told me. Even my healer spirit guide told her a vitamin I should be taking and boy has that helped. Michelle is a kind and caring person. She really cares about her clients but she treats them more like friends. She is accessible and easy to talk to. My reading was so helpful, she gave me that little nudge I really needed to move forward and make my life happier. I would love to meet her in person, I have a big hug waiting for her.
    If you are someone hesitating about getting a reading don’t. You will be so pleased and won’t be able to wait to do it again. She really helps those hurting from a loss of a loved one and gives hope for the future. So get read, you will feel so much better.

  41. Kathryn Tutkaluk says

    I was blessed with winning a mini reading last month which I converted to a full hour. I am so happy I did! Michelle is everything I have read about her. I was amazed at how spot on she got everything. The conformation of things I received today is life changing. I can’t thank her enough and will definitely be seeing her again.

  42. Clint Tyson says

    I had what I believe was at least my 3rd phone reading with Michelle today. As always her readings are very comforting and insightful. The reading was postpone a bit due to mutual timing comflicts, and I always love to see how the timing works out with readings, as many of the points she brought up, related to recent occurrences that likely would not have been as relevant at the initially planned time. It is such a blessing knowing Michelle and being a recipient of her wonderful abilities !

  43. Angie Bruce says

    I was so excited to win a reading with Michelle. I wasnt to sure what to expect at first but boy was the reading spot on. I asked my guides and my deceased family members prior to the reading for validations and i got it. I am very happy to hear from my light guide and my grandpa. Thank you very much for sharing your passion and time. Most definitely recommend Michelle . Love and light ❤

  44. Linda Jackson says

    After my husband passed I decided I wasn’t going to make any decisions I didn’t have to, unless a clear sign fell on my head from above (a little grumpy with God I guess). Although I believed that authentic Mediums exist, I had no intention of going to one. Then I received an email from a friend about some upcoming local event. I glanced at it just to see who would be there and Michelle’s name jumped out at me. A bit of research into her website and Youtube videos later and I signed up for a reading. That first reading (in the Fall of 2016) was pretty amazing. Not only did my husband come through loud and clear in all his quirky glory, but a couple of my Spirit Guides showed up as well. My Guardian Guide even described something that was destined to happened a couple of days later.

    Since that time I have had other readings with Michelle and taken a number of courses from her. I’ve been deeply involved in spiritual matters for a long time and this turned out to be a good way to try and move forward in a very altered life without my beloved partner physically at my side (although he does like to make a metaphysical nuisance of himself moving things about and playing with the electricity in the house ~ just kidding of course, I love that he shows up pretty much every day for short visits).

    I’ve come to know Michelle, not only as a gifted, ethical and empathic Medium, but as a friend. She is someone I trust unabashedly . . . kind, gentle, humble, but with the determined heart of a true spiritual warrior. I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone wishing to connect with their Spirit Guides or loved ones on the other side.

  45. Tony Chartrand says

    Michelle is a beautiful soul, with great sense of humor, empathy and knowledge. When she connects with spirit, the information that comes through is transformational and very accurate. I recently had a reading, and I keep recalling parts of that experience throughout my day, which has blessed me, and greatly guided my life. Connecting with my great grandma was a special treat for me, as well as learning of a spirit guide who I can now connect with at any time. Thank you Michelle!

  46. My conversation with Michelle moved me. Michelle is kind and empathetic and gentle in her approach. I appreciated this, as I found it very comforting during our time together. I felt Michelle walked me through quite a wondrous experience; I am forever grateful to her.

  47. Deborah Chornick says

    I was blessed to encounter Michelle through some yoga retreats. In January 2019, while at such a retreat with my sister-in-law and my son, Michelle called upon me randomly for a quick flame reading. Now, you have to imagine this. Here I am, and my son is next to me, my SIL next to him. Joshua was always the young man in a room full of hippie woman. What Michelle had to say has changed my whole life. She told me that something big was about to happen and that I would be in a position to either go really dark, or choose joy. At the time the only thought I had was that it must be about work. Well. My son Joshua passed away very unexpectedly in June, only 5 months later. My world completely shattered. Two days later I kept getting messages in my head to reach out to Michelle. There are no words for how much Michelle has come to mean to our family. She always has so much compassion and constant love for us, on both sides of the veil. As I look back on the past 14 months I know that I would not have made it here today without her. She knew from the first contact how he transitioned. It took the Medical examiner 5 months to get a report to us. Michelle has taught me so much about the strength of our connection and how to embrace it. Let me tell you this, if you’re going to hear anyone, it’s going to be your child. I am incredibly grateful for the bond that Michelle has with Joshua, and our family. We have gone on to have in-person, group and zoom readings. Joshua only ever comes through for Michelle, and he likes to share his excitement for how much his mama is growing spiritually. From my eternal soul Michelle, I can only imagine that I knew before coming here that you had to be a part of this journey in order for me to survive it. I have witnessed many readings where Michelle is reading for other people and it’s always, always, respectful, considerate and I have to say, I LOVE the way she allows the sense of humour of our spirits and guides come through. I’m looking forward to learning about my Spirit Guides with her this fall. I’m still very broken for losing my sons physical presence but I have this guiding light that constantly has me choosing joy and watching for signs.

  48. Krystee says

    My first encounter with Michelle was in the year of 2009, she was channeling for a local Church in Winnipeg and providing Group Clairvoyant messages. She approached me with a message from my Grandmother who departed in my youth. She was someone I dreamed of often, and felt very connected to, a Spiritual and Intuitive woman herself. Michelle delivers the messages of those on the other side in a very real and authentic manner, always true to the departed one’s essence. Her ability to articulate and emulate those who have passed has allowed me to trust and believe. Over the years I have participated in a workshop of hers for Intuitive Development and have had yearly check in readings. I may not have always understood in the moment the meaning of some messages, however the validity and meaning has always come to me, after joyful, or sorrow filled moments, to provide me with a comfort and a knowing that Creator, my Guides, and passed on loved ones area always with me in this journey and knowing this has saved me from despairing depths. She is truly gifted, and has an authentic talent for communicating with the world(s) beyond this earthy plane.

  49. Renee Beuchler says

    I received a reading from Michelle after my husband passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. She was able to explain how she felt he passed even though the medical examiner couldn’t. She also expressed things physically going on with me and made a recommendation of a treatment that helped alleviate some physical pain for me. Michelle is a gifted, accurate, and compassionate person who delivers messages from spirit with grace and kindness.

  50. Catherine MacLean says

    Michelle came into my life like a spiritual triage physician. My kind, loving son had left his young body after after 3 years/9 months of excruciating suffering.

    Michelle’s reading quickly identified she had found my son by her description. I had a dream of him in a glorious setting not in NA. She started describing the scenery where my son is and it dovetailed with the dream of the month before.

    Michelle has assured me my gentle son
    is no longer suffering, has healed and is
    content. I exhaled after four years. Don’t let her lovely young face and glowing skin fool you: Michelle has depth and wisdom.
    I highly recommend her for a reading and/or spiritual counselling.

  51. Carol Breeze says

    I loved the way Michelle brought in my spirit guides so that I could talk to them in the beginning of the reading. I learned a lot through Michelle , and her gentle, loving nature was very evident throughout. We had opportunities for some good laughter, especially when my son came through, during the reading. That is always very healing. Thank you, Michelle❣️

  52. I really enjoyed my reading with michelle everything is spot on… it makes me feel that my mom and grandma watching me from above. 😊

  53. Thank you so much, Michelle, for the wonderful Spirit Medium reading you gave me. Everything was so right-on and helpful.
    I had tears in my eyes as you were being the conduit for my parents. Tears of joy, that is.
    The service you provide for us here on earth and for our loved ones in spirit is so genuine and special.
    I’m very glad to know you.
    You are an angel here on earth.
    Much love.

  54. Over the years I have worked with a few mediums and Michelle is the best of the best. She has a pure heart, strong ethics, and amazing clarity. I would recommend always recording the conversation with Michelle. On more than one occasion, something she says during our call with my spirit guides won’t resonate with me right away. That’s because she is picking up on something that comes into my reality months down the road. I have noticed if I go back to listen to our call weeks or months later, then the very thing that didn’t resonate with me makes so much more sense. I always leave our calls clear that the universe is knitted together with Love, and that I am deeply supported by my guides and angels. I highly recommend her if you are seeking clarity for your vocation or life’s purpose.

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