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Read about the unique experience of Michelle’s sitters who were introduced to their team of spirit guides:


  1. Wow, wow, wow!! How do I even begin to describe what I’ve just experienced! I had never even heard of spirit guides until I met Michelle, didn’t know I had any. Then, when I found I did, I wanted to find out more so I took Michelle’s Spirit Guides course (wonderful experience by the way) I met my protector on this course and had glimpses of a couple of my other guides but I wasn’t sure if what I saw was really them or my imagination. I persisted through meditation but the doubt was still there.
    Then – Michelle started talking about offering readings purely to connect to our spirit guides. It was a no brainer that I do this and I just have. This was the most fantastic experience yet with Michelle. She validated the guides I thought I’d seen or met and brought through the ones I was still uncertain I had ever connected with. All 7 of my inner band guides have now been described to me and I’m pleased to say, I’d got more myself than I thought I had! This was such an incredible reading – now I know my guides and will have a much stronger connection. I know who I am speaking to and who to ask to come forward when I need a specific guide. I can’t tell you how valuable this knowledge is to me and I strongly encourage anyone who is working with spirit but isn’t confident in who their guides are, to book a Spirit Guide reading NOW! You really will not be disappointed! Thank you once again Michelle xxx

  2. Claire Robertson says

    I just don’t know where to start. just had an incredible reading with Michelle where she brought forward all of my 7 yes 7 guides. When Michelle started talking about offering this kind of reading I knew it was something that I had to do. like June I was confident of my protector guide having done the spirit guide course with Michelle but I had a lot of doubt (I am only human lol) with my others. Which I am so glad I did, I had a couple confirmed by Michelle that I had met but didn’t realise there place with me. I have a couple of unique ones i have to say and if it wasn’t for Michelle i would’ve dismissed the information or maybe them. I now cannot wait to connect to them, now knowing who they are. If you need a little help or like me lack confidence when it comes to knowing who your guides are then book a spirit guide reading asap, it was amazing. i cant thank Michelle enough xx And again Michelle has managed to completely amaze me and blow my mind

  3. Scott Noble says

    Absolutely AWESOME! I have just had the most amazing Spirit guide reading with Michelle. I was always fascinated by Spirit guides after hearing so much about them from others so decided to sign up for Michelle’s course to see if I could possibly meet any of my own. I was fortunate enough to actually meet most of my guides and got images of some and colour with others, some gave me names and some would just smile at me. Today Michelle changed that and brought forward each of my guides and confirmed them for me. I love my guides and have much respect for each of them, working mainly with my Protector and my Joy children and to have validation that they are who I met was awesome. Michelle then brought forward each of my guides one by one and gave me so much validation as well as truly wonderful and loving messages from some of my guides, especially Sister Elizabeth my sister of Mercy who wanted to let me know that she is now looking after my much loved horse who recently went home. This was truly amazing to have all 7 of my guides validated and to know that they are on this path with me, guiding me and helping me with my development. I was also extremely honored to also have one of my outer band guides step forward letting me know that he is going to play a big part on guiding me in a certain aspect of my journey. I was totally blown away today and would highly recommend a Spirit guide reading to anyone who would like to know about their guides. I can’t thank Michelle enough for this beautiful experience and validating so much for me and the beautiful messages brought forward from my guides. Many Blessings <3

  4. Well! what more can I add to the testimonials above? I just had my reading with Michelle and I am so happy. I had also taken Michelle’s Spirit Guide course, and had met a few of my guides during the course. Today I had all of my Guides come forward to let me know more about each of them, and to give me loving messages.
    It is really a very loving and uplifting feeling to have your own guides connect with you in this way. I really cannot tell you how happy I feel right now. If you are considering one of these readings, go for it, you will not regret it.
    I just want to add that since I have known Michelle, which is about a year now, I have come to realise so much more about the world of spirit and our guides. If there is a medium around who can compare to Michelle, I have yet to see them, and I include all the so called famous ones that you see on television. I mean that with all my heart….Michelle is incredible. <3

  5. I Highly recommend Michelle for your reading! I am forever thankful! I had won a reading with Michelle which turned out to be extremely beneficial for my spiritual growth! She told me about my spirit guide, described him and his characteristics . I had tried meditation before to meet him but I never could get in tune to see clearly. Since my reading, I have gained the knowledge I needed and searched for to aid in my lifes purpose. My son (6) has been finding beautiful feathers that he gives to me (or makes sure whoever hes with gives them to me). I wondered the significance of them. Since I now know my guide and am able to meditate, focus better and meet with him, he has told me that those feathers are from him to let me know he’s with me (he is an Native American Indian). I can’t be anymore grateful for Michelle and her reading. I am so ready for this journey I am now on all thanks to Michelle and her confirmations from Spirit!

  6. Thank you Michelle for introducing me to my Guides this morning. I now have a basis to have a connection with them myself. I know that each and everyone of them was my guides as the descriptions you gave of me and how they were trying to help me overcome situations etc was spot on. Hopefully through your introduction to them I will be better able to communicate with them myself.
    You are a truly gifted medium and I personally would recommend you to all that are looking to contact their guides or anyone they have in the spiritual world.

  7. Kata Edmonds says

    Amazing! The experience of being the recipient of a reading performed by Michelle was Amazing! Very emotional it was for me as she brought forward messages and validations to me. From the moment i enquired about a reading right to the end of it there was nothing but confidence, love, professionalism and reassurance from her. Information she promised of validations that no one else would know was ‘bang on’ truely mind and heart blowing experience that i would never forget! Appreciated very very much. ♥

  8. Shawna LaCerais says

    I had the pleasure of winning a spirit guide reading with Michelle and I have to say that this is one of the most Amazing and exciting things I have experienced. I had no idea what to expect or what was in store for me that day. I had found out not too long ago about spirit guides and of course it sparked my interest, I became very curious and wanted to know more. Somehow, I found Michelle. I had no idea that we could connect with them or that there was more than 1 or how absolutely amazing they are. She went through all 7 of them, described who they were, what they looked like and what their guiding role is. She relayed messages and talked to me about things that there is no way she could have known. Things that only myself or someone who had known me my whole life would know. I found so much comfort in all of this. This made me realize the things that my guides were doing to get my attention and guide me at times in my life and how awesome each one of them is. I feel that this has strengthened my connection with my guides and I know there is so much more to learn. Michelle is very nice and professional and if you are curious about your guides, even if it is all completely new to you, I highly recommend this reading, you will not be disappointed. The messages I received were and are inspiring and comforting and made me realize that they have been with me every step of the way. Michelle is a blessing, she is very good at what she does and I would do this again in a heartbeat. Thank you for what you do <3

  9. Michelle you are amazing! Not only was I able to connect with and meet seven Spirit Guides, you names and complete descriptions, as well as very important messages from each one. Messages that I really needed to hear. You took your time and are so patient throughout. Thank you for all that you do. You have been a wonderful teacher, mentor, and friend. My life has been enriched for having you in it!


  10. Clint Tyson says

    I had an amazing Spirit Guide reading with Michelle today. She was able to connect with all seven of my inner band guides, three of which I’d already been introduced to in a reading by June Noble; they both described these guides exactly the same way. Learning about the others also validated so much for me, making me realize the role that each guide has been playing in my experience that I was previously unaware of. This experience is one that I had been wanting for 3+ years, but had not been able to find a medium that I trusted enough or offered this type of reading before I connected with Michelle. It is such a blessing in my quest to strengthen my own connection with my guides and now that I know who each one is, their name, and their role with me, I am so excited to progress further having gained this wonderful information. I highly recommend this reading to anyone with any level of interest in connecting with your guides and spirituality !

  11. I was absolutely blown away by Michelle’s professionalism, by her kindness, and by her abilities. I was skeptical but hopeful when we started the reading, and by the end I was deeply moved and utterly grateful. Michelle introduced me to each of my guides and provided messages from them that were without a doubt meant for me. She clearly validated my own experience of two of my guides, which was profoundly encouraging to me! I feel that I am now able to begin working with my guides with confidence, and I look forward to getting to know each of them intimately over time.

  12. I was and am thrilled with Michelle’s reading. She is so completely focused and present that from her first words, I felt relaxed and receptive. In a most natural way, she introduced me to my seven guides with their names, some of their history, nationality, descriptions of their appearance and purpose in my life. She relayed from them, comments about our experiences so far, in this life together. Comments so accurate that any doubts I may have had, quickly fell away. Some of their comments were humorous and very accurately recalled past experiences we had worked through together. Since the reading a couple of days ago, I’ve had several experiences with my guides, which have reassured me all the more that they are next to me, each bringing their knowledge and gifts to bear on my life and for my growth.
    I can’t emphasize enough the gentle presence Michelle shows during a reading. She is light, humorous, caring and reassuring. I’m excited to become more consciously attuned to and comfortable with my guides. I’m convinced that their interest is in helping me to grow spiritually.
    I encourage anyone who feels a leaning towards this, to arrange a reading with Michelle. You’ll be happy that you did.

  13. Michelle is truly a gifted reader. I had the spirit guide reading. Seven guides came through with their names and what they looked like . I found out the heritage of each of them and can draw you a picture of each if you asked. They each had something to tell me. The advice and knowledge was just for me as no one could have known these things about myself. I have never formally met Michelle and she asked nothing of me prior to the reading.
    I take a medication for anxiety and she picked it up right away. Certain medications may cause a “veil” to be an obstacle but that didn’t stop Michelle. She energetically moved this”veil” and was able to achieve communication easily and painlessly.
    If you are wondering if you should purchase a reading from Michelle, please don’t hesitate. She is truly amazing and very easy to talk to. The reading was supposed to be 45 minutes, we ended at just over an hour. She made no fuss of the extra time taken.
    Trust me, you will be changed forever. I plan to reconnect with her in a couple months to check in with my guides. She is wonderful!

  14. Vicki L. Wendling says

    What an Amazing evening I had last night with Michelle and Her Guide’s!!! I got to meet my Guide’s and I found out that I have 8 Guide’s helping me out on this journey we call “Life”! I found out things that I never knew and things to confirm what I knew to be True!! It’s really hard to to put into words what feelings run through you. I went from laughing to tears running down my cheeks. So many emotions but they were All Positive emotions. If you ever get a chance to do this, Do It.!!!! It was honestly the best money I have spent. In fact, I look at it as an Investment in Me!! I could tell by Michelle’s voice that she was truly feeling what my Guide’s and myself were feeling. The Best Day was the day I clicked on her site. I have done classes with Michelle and she explains things so well and with So Much Love behind it. Michelle is just an Amazing Teacher!!!! So I would advise Everyone to invest into Yourselves!! You will not be disappointed at all. Michelle and her Guide’s are just Truly Amazing!!!!

  15. Catalina Gerlein says

    I’ve just had my Spirit Guide Reading, and I’m speechless. Michelle has a fantastic energy and her work has been impeccable. Not only did I had the chance of meeting my guides, but also the messages they transmitted were exactly what I needed (and what they’ve been telling me for a while, although I had not realized it!). I was surprised, amazed, and incredibly happy throughout the experience. In fact, they even reinforced a series of topics I had discussed earlier today with a close friend of mine, who, to my surprise, was acknowledged by my guides during the reading! I cannot recommend Michelle enough! If you’re thinking about having a reading with her, do it! It’s an amazing experience, that’s enlightening as well as transformative. Thank you very much, Michelle!

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