Mediumship Readings

Mediumship Readings 

During a mediumship reading you will be connected with loved ones and spirit guides who will bring forward validating information, encouragement, guidance, and beautiful healing messages specific to you and your path. To schedule your reading please contact Michelle with  your request, and remember to include your time zone and the time of day that is best for your reading. 

All online readings must be paid for at least 24 hours prior to the session taking place, and
paid either via PayPal below or E-Transfer to
All prices are listed in CAD (Canadian Dollars)

For more information on Mediumship Readings please review  this information.

A 20 minute mini-reading is great for when you have one loved one you would like to connect with, or to receive guidance and insight about a specific area of your life. A great check-in for in between longer readings (as you should only have longer sessions 2-3 times each year).

20 Minute Mini-Reading $60


A 30 minute reading is a perfect way to connect with a spirit guide and 1-2 loved ones to receive the guidance and healing messages you need at this time, along with the validation that those we love are around us always.

30 Minute Reading $85

A 45 minute reading is for those who are interested in connecting with their team of spirit guides or for mediumship (both loved ones and spirit guides), and to gain more understanding of their path in this life.

45 Minute Reading $110


A 60 minute reading is a wonderful way to connect more fully with spirit, 1-2 times a year. You will receive information and validation from 3-5 spirits including loved ones and guides, who will provide healing, specific messages to help you on your journey.

60 Minute Reading $135




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