Michelle Leray is a Spiritual Medium and Reiki Master who has been connecting people all over the world with their loved ones and spirit guides for many years. As a trained Death Doula she is devoted to supporting people who are preparing to make their final transition from this physical world.

In addition to her work as a Medium and Doula, Michelle is trained in counselling (specializing in grief counselling), and also offers teachings on many different topics to help those who are interested in enhancing their own intuitive abilities and strengthening their trust in themselves as they navigate their own unique healing journeys.

Michelle is also a regular facilitator of Death Cafés and a volunteer with Palliative MB. She hosts monthly online grief circles, guided meditations, and is a contributor to a number of newsletters on grief, bereavement, and mediumship.

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Introducing Intuitive Readings!

It happens from time to time that someone will schedule a mediumship reading, but they aren’t really interested in receiving or focusing on the validation of their loved ones in Spirit or their spirit guides, and instead they are more interested in a psychic or intuitive-level connection, where there will still be validation (such as picking up on specific physical ailments, emotions, and recent situations) ​​and the focus is more about receiving information and guidance instead of messages from loved ones.

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Michelle Leray regularly facilitates grief seminars, writes articles for various websites/publications and is invited to be a guest speaker for numerous organizations.

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