About The Path

 Michelle became aware of her intuitive abilities from a young age, as she constantly felt drawn to helping people through their most difficult times, and seemed to have the words flowing through her to help those who requested guidance. She spent many years developing her mediumship abilities, and also earned her Certificate in Applied Counselling Skills in 2003. Throughout her early adulthood she worked with adults and children with developmental and social disabilities, as well as volunteered with the Victim Services Unit of the Winnipeg Police Service offering counselling to victims of crimes. Empowering people to make the best choices for themselves became a central focus in how Michelle approached being of service to people in her community. 

Within a few years of developing her mediumship and counselling skills, Michelle began to give public demonstrations of spirit communication, and also started offering private readings, spiritual counselling, and mentorship to developing mediums. She now provides private readings and teachings internationally to people in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia,  Australia, and more. She has been teaching courses on spiritual healing, spirit guides, mediumship development,  healing grief from a spiritual perspective, and more for years, and does so now online with students from all areas of the world. In April of 2020, Michelle officially became the first Canadian Medium to be tested and certified through Mark Ireland’s program. Mark Ireland is the co-founder of Helping Parents Heal.

In January 2020, Michelle completed her training as an End of Life Doula with Douglas College and is now looking forward to helping and empower people and their families to make preparations and informed decisions about end-of-life choices. As an End of Life Doula, Michelle will provide emotional and spiritual support to those who are nearing their final transition Home. Michelle began her role as a volunteer with Palliative Manitoba in 2020 as well. In December 2020, Michelle completed training in dementia care with the Alzheimer Society of Ontario. 

Michelle is a plant-based vegan, Métis woman, and traditional Anishinaabe drummer and singer who loves to read, play piano and other instruments. She studies and practices QiGong, Tai Chi, and Yoga; and is a devoted wife and mother. She loves to focus her public events on helping raise money or item donations for worthy causes such as the North End Women’s Centre, Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue, and many more!


Michelle’s readings are given in a loving, compassionate way, as her belief about all work with spirit is that it should come from a place of deep gratitude and humility. She works with her amazing team of spirit guides to provide comforting, accurate, and loving messages from those in the spirit world to the people who miss them most.

Michelle has been both humbled and honoured to offer a number of unique courses, which are written and taught completely by herself and her spirit guides, to help you open up to working with spirit. For over a decade she has been sharing these teachings with people from all over the world, and it has been a great joy to see how many lives have changed in amazing ways by helping people connect with spirit.


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