Spirit Guides Level 1

Learn about who your spirit guides are and how they have been helping you on your path for your entire life! Receive the tools, guidance, and in-class experience to begin consciously communicating with your own team of spirit guides! All classes will be recorded if you are unable to attend them live!

Details: 5 week course, online through Skype (audio only) 
When: Next Dates To Be Announced
Investment: $200.00 CAD
Class Maximum: 12 Students
This course is a prerequisite for Spirit Guides Level 2.

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 Course Outline 

Class One:
Introduction to Spirit Guides – We will be learning about who our guides are, why they are with us, and how we can begin to consciously communicate with them.

Class Two:
Guardians and Joy Guides – We will be discussing these two roles and doing a live meditation and exercise to meet these guides. Homework assignment results will be discussed as well.

Class Three:
Healer Guides and Philosopher Guides – We will be learning about these two roles, as well as continuing our discussion from the previous week, including results from the homework assignments.

Class Four:
Guides of Compassion, Guides of Light, and Master Teachers – We will be completing our lessons on Primary Guides this week, and will be doing exercises and meditations to continue building our connections with our guides.

Class Five:
Empathic Guides and Class Finale – We will be finishing our lessons on spirit guides, as well as having a special demonstration of mediumship for all in attendance.