Fundamentals of Being a Reader


2020 Dates to be announced! 

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– The Fundamentals of Being a Reader –
Join Medium Michelle Stokotelny for three sessions that will prepare you for your journey into offering readings to others. These workshops will benefit anyone who wants to begin offering readings of any type – mediumship, tarot, intuitive, etc. Anyone can take these classes, even if you are not yet ready to begin reading professionally, or even if you never plan to do so – just having this information can make a huge difference in your readings, self-awareness, and self-confidence! 

2020 Dates to be announced! 
Session 1 Topics: The ethics of being a reader, how to know who to read for and when, when to say no to reading for someone and how, and how to gain experience before beginning to accept payment for your services. 

2020 Dates to be announced!   
Session 2 Topics: Tactfulness and delivery (why how you provide the message is sometimes more important than the message itself), how to not allow your own energy to be drained, how to practice mindful detachment, and how to schedule yourself in a balanced manner (ie. how to avoid burn out!). 

2020 Dates to be announced!    
Session 3 Topics: Getting out there (how to begin your journey from practicing reader to professional reader), if and when to start charging for your time, how to set a rate that is fair to both sitter and reader, which events to say yes to, and how to work with social media to advertise your services.

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