Where are the classes taught? For the time being, all courses and workshops are being held online through Skype. I have taught locally before in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and will be offering local classes again in the near future.

Are the classes recorded? Each of the classes for the courses are recorded and made available to the students. There are no recordings for the workshops as those are intended to be experienced live.

What technology do I need to attend the classes? It is highly recommended that you attend class using a PC or laptop instead of a mobile device. A headset is not a requirement for the Spirit Guides Course or the workshops, and if you intend to move on to the Mediumship Development Courses you will want to invest in one.

Do I need to attend the live classes? To get the fullest possible experience, I would highly suggest making the effort to attend as many live classes as possible. It is expected that students of the Spirit Guides Course (Level 1) will attend at least 3 live classes, and for the Mediumship Development Courses that they will attend all if possible. It is understandable that one may miss a class or two due to many circumstances, but as the classes become more advanced, participation is mandatory in order to best assist the students on their paths.

What time zone are the classes scheduled in? All times for classes and workshops will be posted in the Central Standard or Central Daylight time zone. To find out what time the classes are being held for you, please use this time zone converter.

If I register can I ask for a full refund if I change my mind? Upon registration and payment you will be entitled to 75% of your payment back should you choose to withdraw prior to the course or workshop commencing. After any workshop has commenced, you will not be entitled to a refund, whether you were in attendance or not. After any course has commenced, you will be entitled to 50% of your payment back should you withdraw within the first week of the course, and henceforth there will be no entitlement to a refund.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion? Should you meet all of the requirements by the end of the course/workshop date, then you will be sent a “Certificate of Completion”. This in no way certifies that you are a medium, healer, etc. but rather expresses that you did partake in the class(es) and that you met the requirements to be considered as having completed the course/workshop.

Do I need to have any special gifts in order to take these classes? Absolutely not. Everyone has the opportunity to enhance their own personal spiritual senses, and no one is given an advantage over others in this. Those who seem to be born with it have actually spent previous incarnations developing, and so it seems to come more naturally to them. There is no one who could not benefit from these courses.

Will I receive a course book? Upon your registration and initial payment, you will be invited to a secret Facebook group specifically designed for the course/workshop you have enrolled in. Class books will be made available 30 minutes prior to the class commencing, as it is desired that you not read the material ahead of time.

I have taken other courses on spirit guides and mediumship – do I still have to start with your guides course? If you wish to move onto mediumship development with me, then you will definitely need to begin with the Spirit Guides Course first like everyone else. This is because every medium teaches about these topics differently, and in order to develop these skills in the way my own spirit guides and I teach them, you need to have a solid foundation of experience and knowledge with regards to your own path and spirit guides.

I am interested in your courses, but not sure I want to be a medium. Would your courses still be beneficial to me? I believe so, yes. Not everyone is destined for mediumship, but that doesn’t mean the skills cannot help you on your own specific journey. I believe everyone should get to know who their spirit guides are and how to effectively consciously communicate with them, and if that is as far as you want to take this development, it would certainly be a wonderful step on your personal spiritual journey.

I hope this has answered your questions! If you would like to ask anything else, please click here to contact me. Blessings of love and peace always ~ Michelle Stokotelny

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