Intuitive Readings

It happens from time to time that someone will schedule a mediumship reading, but they aren’t really interested in receiving or focusing on the validation of their loved ones in Spirit or their spirit guides, and instead they are more interested in a psychic or intuitive-level connection, where there will still be validation (such as picking up on specific physical ailments, emotions, and recent situations) ​​and the focus is more about receiving information and guidance instead of messages from loved ones.

Keeping in mind that at no time should you look to a reader to provide legal, medical, or financial advice!
Any information provided during a session is meant to be taken to a physical world physician, lawyer, or professional in that specific line of work.  

These readings give you a chance to focus on asking questions, and having your personal energy read, which can also include a Reiki Healing session, to help provide the energy required to inspire, heal, and motivate!

15 Minute Intuitive Reading ~ $45.00
25 Minute Intuitive Reading ~ $70.00
45 Minute Intuitive Reading ~ $95.00

All online readings must be paid for at least 24 hours prior to the session taking place, and
paid either via PayPal here or below, or E-Transfer to
All prices are listed in CAD (Canadian Dollars)

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