Mediumship Development Levels 1 & 2 Online

Mediumship Development Level 1
Join us as we embark on a journey to connect with our spirit guides and begin creating a strong foundation of knowledge for intuitive and mediumship work! Each class will contain pertinent information about how to ground, center, and balance our energies, how to work towards raising our vibrations, and how to work consciously with our spirit guides on a daily basis to help live our lives in the most authentic, motivated, healthy, and fulfilling way. We will cover a wide range of topics, and each class will come with its own booklet, written by Michelle Leray, a Spiritual Medium and Teacher who has been working with Spirit for the last 25 years.

** All classes will be recorded for those that cannot attend the live sessions! **

Class One: After introductions, we will discuss the difference between intuition, psychic ability, and mediumship, and begin an introduction to Spirit Guides – who they are, how they communicate with us, and how we can begin to consciously communicate with them.. We will go on a guided meditation journey to meet with and connect consciously with one of our guides.

Class Two: Continuing our discussion and work with our Spirit Guides, we will learn how they help us with our intuition and mediumship. We will explore the difference between Primary Guides and Empathic Guides as we journey again to meet more of our guides. We will also enjoy a group exercise to help enhance our abilities to sense energy, which will be practiced throughout the rest of the course. We will also talk about preparing for spirit work, opening and closing, and how to ground, center, and balance our energies by setting specific intentions and boundaries.

Class Three: Completing our discussion on Spirit Guides we will learn more about the final three, followed by a conversation on Empathic Guides, honorary guides, and animal guides. We will learn about the ethics behind mediumship, when to give a reading, and when not to read for someone. The class will then embark on a new meditation and exercise to continue to enhance their connections with their spirit guides.

Class Four: During our final class, we will discuss the difference between readings and messages from spirit, how to connect our energy with the sitter’s, and we will begin to practice basic connections and giving messages. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

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Mediumship Development Level 2 ~ To Be Announced Soon!
Join us for this advanced course in mediumship development where we balance information and discussion with practicing our skills. Mediumship Level 1 is a pre-requisite to taking this course. If you are ready to begin enhancing and strengthening your spiritual senses, intuition, and mediumship abilities, this is for you! Michelle Leray has been working with her Spirit Guides for the last 25 years, and will be sharing with you the many ways in which you can connect with Spirit on a daily basis, while remaining grounded and rooted in this world. You do not need to have aspirations of becoming a professional medium to take this course; the information, practices, and experiences are for any who seek to understand the connection between this world and the next on a new level.

Class One: After our introductions we will engage in a brief review of level 1 concepts, and then move towards discussing new topics such as how to work with symbolism, becoming more familiar with the different “clairs”, and how to handle complications during readings. Students will be given the opportunity, after a guided meditation and exercise, to begin working on their spirit connections, as guided and supported by Michelle.

Class Two: We will learn how to properly prepare for, begin, and end a reading, and we will discuss the many ways to handle questions from sitters. We will partake in exercises to help increase our level of awareness, and the class will receive another opportunity to work on their connections with their fellow students.

Class Three: We will discuss what “validation” truly means, and how it determines whether a connection is on the psychic level or mediumship level. We will also learn why it is important to ensure our sitters are informed about what mediumship is and is not, and what we can do to avoid common problems that can arise during mediumship readings. After a short meditation and intuitive development exercise, students will have another chance to enhance their experience by practicing connections with their fellow students.

Class Four: The final class is a special one, and to avoid spoiling the surprise, only students will find out about the intended experience during the third class! However, it will definitely be a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone! Information about what can come next for students will be provided, followed by certificates of completion that will be given at the end of this class as well.

Mediumship Development Level 2: $275 CAD

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