The Practical Intuitive – Online Workshop

This Workshop will be offered again in Autumn 2023!

This is a workshop designed for everyone to work with their natural intuition on a deeper level. Not everyone has the time and energy, or feels drawn to focus on developing their mediumship, but we can all benefit from becoming more aware of how to ground and balance our energy, and how to protect ourselves from feeling drained in our day to day lives from other people or situations. During this 3 hour workshop you will learn:

– how to protect your energy at work and in social situations
– how to discern between anxiety, fear, and your intuition
– how to release residual energy at the end of every day
– how to set intentions and boundaries with yourself, others, and your spirit guides
– how to discern between what is yours and what energy does not belong to you
– how to feel more confident and sure of your choices on a daily basis
– how to work with your own energy for self-healing
– how to prevent your energy from being drained by every day interactions
– and much more!

It is important to note that this workshop is not meant to replace the care of a physician or mental health professional if you are enduring anxiety or other such experiences. This workshop may be complementary however, and helpful for understanding how the energy of others or certain situations affect your own.

Investment: $60 CAD


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